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Here you will find a directory day-care centers. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, peruse the directory below to get an idea. Otherwise, use our filtered search to find the day care centers that are right for you.

Amatus Kids Academy (Pty) Ltd.

Table View Western Cape: Other

Age group:Age Groups: 3 months - 12 years

Opening times:Opening Times : 24 Hour facility

We are a 24 hour child care facility
We provide comprehensive child care services (3 Months to Grade R) that includes the following:
1. Preschool
2. Grade R
3. After Care
4. Evening Care
5. Baby Academy
6. Supervised homework classes
7. 24 hour security
8. Holiday care and fun filled programs
9. Affordable fees – you only pay for actual time spent at the centre
10. Extra mural activities
11. A loving and spacious environment
12. Our operating hours work according to your schedule and are flexible
13. We open at 6:00 every morning Monday to Friday
14. Saturday Care from 7:00 till 14:00
15. One-on-one tutoring for children with learning difficulties
16. Smaller classroom and teacher ratios
17. Social activities
18. Fun-filled holiday programme
19. Progress reports
20. Parent evenings
21. Year- end function
22. Parent support group meetings

What we offer:
• A family-orientated environment
• A curriculum-based (CAPS) program that includes our unique Education for Peace modules
• A safe and toxin-free environment
• Equipped and prepared facilities for security and in case of emergencies
• A maintained healthy lifestyle
• A VPS Provider - The Vital Preschool Program (VPS)
• Exciting events and activities throughout the year

Important Skills that will be learned:
• Literacy
• Cognitive Development
• Social Skills
• Physical Development
• Computer Skills
• Entrepreneurial Skills
• Life Skills

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Day Mother Bryanston

Bryanston Johannesburg

Age group:Age Groups: 0-12 months

Opening times:Opening Times : 6am-6pm

Good day I am offering my services as a day mother. I’ve raised four of my own kids and two of them were twins. I will only be looking after 5 babies.

I’m 40 years old and will have one person helping me so that is 2:5 ratio

I am based in Bryanston, Curzon road, next to infinity college and little Creations nursery school.

My rates are fixed monthly no extra cost for holiday care. December I will close on the 18th.

Please contact me to set up an appointment if you are interested and if you need further information

At this point I will only take babies age 0-12 months.
I used to be a working mummy as well and I know it’s hard to get to work on time and most schools only open at 7am and you have to collect by 5pm-5:30 so that’s why I offer flexible times my services will be available from 6am-6pm ..

Contact Details

  • Landline: 079-748-4232
  • Cellphone: 079-748-4232
  • Email:

Divine Care Academy


Age group:Age Groups: 2 months to Grade 3

Opening times:Opening Times : 7am-7am

24hrs Child care and Support

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SparklesNursery School

Southdale GAUTENG, Johannesburg

Age group:Age Groups: Babies to Grade R

Opening times:Opening Times : 6:30 _ 18:00

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Saturday Day care

Centurion Pretoria

Age group:Age Groups: 2 - 12 years

Opening times:Opening Times : 9am - 5pm

Our Saturday Day Care is Registered
Enterprise Number: 2019/344854/07

We are based in Pretoria and flexibility with coming to parents house , fetching kids and also accompany parents to shopping center.
With regard to Time we are flexible to free parents.

Just pack their happy bag and lunch box and changing clothes to spend the day with us. ☺️
Call us and book any day in advance for your kids.

Contact Details

  • Landline: 072-950-0055
  • Cellphone:
  • Email:

Kay-Dee Educare centre

Mowbray Cape Town

Age group:Age Groups: 0-6 years

Opening times:Opening Times : 7h00-18h00

Half day and aftercare also available – please refer to our
website for further information

Contact Details

  • Landline: 021-689-9615
  • Cellphone: 082-890-0555
  • Email:

Little Bow-Wood Nursery School

Diep river Cape Town

Age group:Age Groups: 10 months - 5 year olds

Opening times:Opening Times : 7:00-5:00

The Little Bow-wood Nursery School was founded in 2004, with qualified staff who have many years of experience with children.

The school programme is designed in such a way as to develop and enrich all aspects of your child’s life.

Our aim at The Little Bow-wood Nursery School is to develop your child in every aspect; physically, socially, emotionally and mentally.

We have morning classes where themes and topics are discussed which gives the children an opportunity to develop their intellectual and language skills.

During free play, the children have access to all the outdoor equipment as well as educational games inside.

Storytime not only allows the child to reap the benefits of literature but also provides a chance for them to catch their breath, relax and enjoy a good story.

We strive to provide a secure and loving environment for your child as well as a fun one, after all, they are only young once.

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Nawty Rascals Daycare

Primrose Hill GAUTENG

Age group:Age Groups: 0~6years

Opening times:Opening Times : 6am~18pm

Contact Details

  • Landline: 061-517-7504
  • Cellphone: 074-972-1163
  • Email:

havenside baby daycare

chatsworth Durban

Age group:Age Groups: 3 months to 5years and aftercare

Opening times:Opening Times : 6:30 - 5:30

Contact Details

  • Landline: 031-400-2827
  • Cellphone: 083-922-1427
  • Email:

Faith Kids Daycare

City Center Durban

Age group:Age Groups: 8 months -5 years

Opening times:Opening Times : 6:30am-6pm

A clean, spacious and godly environment to nurture and educate your kid, bringing out the best from each kid. With us, your kid is given a strong foundation that will secure a bright future. we receive kids from 8 months old and above.

Contact Details

  • Landline: 065-941-4075
  • Cellphone: 072-492-8398
  • Email:

Lekker bekkies daycare

Bellville Cape Town

Age group:Age Groups: 0 months-3 years

Opening times:Opening Times : 6:30 -17:30

Home cooked meals and snacks are included

Contact Details

  • Landline: 082-307-7411
  • Cellphone: 079-840-0793
  • Email:

New Beginnings

Parow East Cape Town

Age group:Age Groups: 1 month to 1 year

Opening times:Opening Times : 06:30 am - 17:30 pm

Good day Moms !!!!!!
I'm a qualified ECD teacher.If you are struggling to find a day mother for your newborn, feel free to contact me.
I reside in Parow East,where your child will be safe and cared for.
I take maximum of 3 babies.Will open the 14th January 2019 or if you need a daymother before that feel free to contact me.

Contact Details

  • Landline: 094-569-2585
  • Cellphone: 084-569-2585
  • Email:

Age group:

Opening times:

Contact Details

  • Landline:
  • Cellphone:
  • Email:


Lorraine Port Elizabeth

Age group:Age Groups: 4months - 5 years

Opening times:Opening Times : 7am - 5:15pm

The school is at a church and follows biblical faith based principles.

Contact Details

  • Landline:
  • Cellphone: 072-800-6880
  • Email:

Growing Kids Pre-School

Noord Wyk, Midrand Johannesburg

Age group:Age Groups: 6 months to 6 years

Opening times:Opening Times : 6am - 6pm

Growing Kids Preschool is a day care and pre-school that offers your child a unique educational experience in a modern, well-equipped nursery school. The children partake in all key development topics and activities with an extensive fun-packed curriculum, including learning through the use of carefully selected equipment, craft, music and grounds,
Playground Playgrounds, junior and senior playground, with age and size appropriate play facilities. Wendy house, Jungle gyms, slide, swings and sand pits. Open grass area where children can play soccer, netball and develop their ball skills. Your personal visits and calls are very warmly welcomed during the opening hours.

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Little Chipper's daycare.

cambrige East London

Age group:Age Groups: 0-5

Opening times:Opening Times : 6:45-5:30

Hi mommys and daddys,
Little Chipper's daycare is now situated in cambrige
We are open all year from Monday to Friday - 06:45 till 17:30.
Fees are: R1400 full day per child (for 2 children it is R1900)
R800 half day per child
This includes 2 meal and snacks throughout the day
Aftercare is R400 month including homework assistance.
Ages from 0-4 years

I will be teaching them core development skills as well as doing art with them on a daily basis. We take pride in our work as we are passionate in our love for children.
Our staff are fully qualified and are trained in first aid.
So hurry up and get your little one booked, limited space available.
Contact details: Kristen - 0812189337

Contact Details

  • Landline: 081-218-9337
  • Cellphone: 081-218-9337
  • Email: krissyjayveldsman@gmail.con

Enaya Nursery

Marina Beach KZN - Other

Age group:Age Groups: 2 months to 12 months

Opening times:Opening Times : 7am to 5pm

Enaya means special care and this is what we will give your baby so you can go to work with peace of mind
I am a registered nurse and recognise the importance of keeping to your routine - each baby is treated as an individual.
Contact me for further details

Contact Details

  • Landline:
  • Cellphone: 076-042-5457
  • Email:


Kempton park GAUTENG, Gauteng - Other

Age group:Age Groups: 3-9

Opening times:Opening Times : 7am-5:30pm

For children with special needs
After also available
Potty training for spacial needs children all ages available
Intensive ABBLS assessment is available

Contact Details

  • Landline: 011-075-5400
  • Cellphone: 062-900-1010
  • Email:
  • N.a.

Zudi Daycare

Kirkney Pretoria

Age group:Age Groups: 0-5

Opening times:Opening Times : 6:00 - 18:00

Contact Details

  • Landline: 079-503-4313
  • Cellphone: 079-503-4313
  • Email:

Beehive kids

Gordonsbay Western Cape: Other

Age group:Age Groups: infant -5/6 years

Opening times:Opening Times : 6am -6pm

At Beehive Kids we concentrate on taking care of your baby or toddler/pre-schooler in a homely environment. We follow a daily routine that incorporates attention to educate activities while caring for physical needs of the young child.
I have Cpr training.
And am a qualified Foundation phased educator.
I have limited space and offer aftercare from local schools for a sibling.

Contact Details

  • Landline: 071-252-1782
  • Cellphone: 071-252-1782
  • Email:

Happy Kidz

Randburg, Windsor East Johannesburg

Age group:Age Groups: 3months to 5years old kids

Opening times:Opening Times : 6am - 6pm

Windsor East: New Daycare, With Loving Christian home environment, with personalized Child care and great teaching experience.

- Affordable fees of R350 per month
- Warm, caring atmosphere
- Children are happily involved
- Variety of toys and learning material
- Open on Monday to Friday
For more info about registration and availability Call 083 948 6175

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Little One's Baby Daycare

Edgemead Cape Town

Age group:Age Groups: 4 Months to 2 Years

Opening times:Opening Times : 7am - 5h30pm

As a mother and Day Mother I know that all we want for our children, is that they are safe, healthy, happy and growing up in a loving environment. I will treat your child as if he/she is my own.I am keeping it small and personal so that there is enough time to give each baby the attention he/she needs.
I specialize in activities that will help in the development of your babies gross and fine motor skills.
There will be lots of singing, talking, hugging, playing, story time etc. I do believe in routine, but am also guided by your babies needs.We all know that teething can put a stop to any pre planned routine.
My premises are modern, fully enclosed with walls on all sides and an alarm that is monitored with responce if needed.
I do have my infant CPR and first aid certificate.
Pls call or WattsApp me

Contact Details

  • Landline: 021-558-1294
  • Cellphone: 072-777-7805
  • Email:

Toddler Town

bellville Cape Town

Age group:Age Groups: 4month plus

Opening times:Opening Times : 6:30am till 18:00pm

Day-Mother has opened.
In labaince bellville
Ages from 4months to 5years old.
Our times are from 6:30 -18:00 - Monday - Friday.
Small group of 12 kids only

We are here to give as much love and care as we can.
While, learning and having fun!

Viewing is welcome anytime
Feel free to inbox me or even drop me a Message
( 0836602063)

Feel free to share with all friend and family.
Toddler Town has finally opened.

Contact Details

  • Landline: 083-660-2063
  • Cellphone: 083-660-2063
  • Email:

Little Paddington Daycare

Windermere Durban

Age group:Age Groups: 6 Months to Grade R

Opening times:Opening Times : 06:30am-5:15pm

Our aim is to provide a safe and secure environment which focuses on the social, emotional, physical and educational development of a child whilst under our care through a highly dedicated and highly experienced team of teachers and care givers, following a structured, well planned program.

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Bothasig Western Cape: Other

Age group:Age Groups: 3 months till 6 years including After Care

Opening times:Opening Times : 6h30 - 18h00

The children not only follow a registered program, but also received breakfast, snacks (morning & afternoon) and a home cooked meal. All the staff has police clearance. We are closed on public holidays and between Christmas and New Year.

Contact Details

Little Minions Brackenhurst

Brackendowns GAUTENG

Age group:Age Groups: 3months to 6 years

Opening times:Opening Times : 6h00am-6pm

Affordable day care ,focussing on your childs needs and educational well being .Making it possible for working moms and dads to feel comfortable and at ease,leaving your child in a safe and clean environment fulled with nature .

Contact Details

  • Landline: 072-071-7827
  • Cellphone: 072-071-7827
  • Email:

Piglet Paradise Daycare

North Riding Johannesburg

Age group:

Opening times:Opening Times : 6am - 6:30pm

We offer affordable Daycare Services for children, from as early as 4 weeks. Our aim is to provide a safe and secure environment which focuses on the social, emotional and physical development of a child in the absence of their parents and whilst under our care and to make this their home away from home. We are located in North Riding, opposite Jackal Creek Golf Estate.
We have been running this Daycare for over 8 years, and have smaller, manageabale groups. Some of our children have been with us from the time they were born up to the age of 4. We have tons of references. You are more than welcome to contact any of them. We provide a homely, nurturing, loving and personal environment, where we treat each child as our own. We have exceptional standards of hygiene. There is 24 Hour security on our premises, so your little one will be safe! Here at Piglet Paradise we understand that life happens - so we will accommodate you from time to time, within reason should you run late. We also offer night care service (when available) during the week and over weekends, when Mom and Dad needs some time out. We have an open door policy, so just pop in for a visit unannounced! Our fees are R1700 p/m for one child. And R1500 p/m for 2 or more children. Half day R1200 p/m for one child. And R1000 for 2 or more children. Day visit R100 per day. Night / weekend care (when available) R200 per day. 330 Boundary Road, North Riding. We are situated on the same premises as Hotel Soli Deo Gloria.
Special offers: We have a promotion running, if you join before 31 March 2016 you only pay R1500 for the first 3 months (full day) or R1000 for the first 3 months (half day)

Contact Details

  • Landline: 083-633-3795
  • Cellphone: 083-633-3795
  • Email:

Sleepy Eyes Nursery

Malvern Durban

Age group:Age Groups: 0 to 24 months

Opening times:Opening Times : 6:30am - 5:30pm

Day Mothers - Malvern, Durban on Main Rd
Only 1 place left

Babies up to 24 months ONLY

I am a day mother with my aunt assisting. She is a retired Registered Nurse and Midwife. I noticed that 90% of daycares do not take babies under 18 months and those who do, put the babas in a room where 2 share a cot. For our little ones from birth to 4 month, we have build-in cots and camp cots for our bigger babies. We follow YOUR routine as we know how difficult it is if parents have sleepless nights.

We are taking enrollments for next year now. Book your space. Limited place left!

We open at 6:30am and close at 5:30pm.

We do not use domestic help. Your baby deserves more attention than in a daycare or nursery.

Inbox or email me on for more details and for parent contact details as references.

Contact Details

  • Landline:
  • Cellphone: 083-569-1830
  • Email:

May-Zee-Bee's Daycare Hillcrest


Age group:Age Groups: 3-5 years flexible on this however

Opening times:Opening Times : 6:30am - 6:00pm

We are New in Hillcrest, and you will see why..
We are a Home away from Home daycare with lovely surroundings.
We offer longer hours.
We offer baby sitting after hours at very competitive pricings
Trained staff.
We also offer week-end babysitting for parents that work/travel etc.

Contact Details

  • Landline: 031-765-3191
  • Cellphone: 084-511-8717
  • Email:
  • under construction

Joyland Daycare & Preprimary

Musgrave Durban

Age group:Age Groups: 2 to 5

Opening times:Opening Times : 7.15am to 5pm

We bring out the best in your child the joyful way.
ahome away from home.
age appropriate curriculum.
for more info watsupp Heena 0619628791

Contact Details

  • Landline: 061-962-8791
  • Cellphone:
  • Email:

Busy Bee's Playground

Age group:

Opening times:

Contact Details

  • Landline: 079-308-1055
  • Cellphone: 079-308-1055
  • Email:

Rainbow Montessori


Age group:

Opening times:Opening Times : 7.30am - 5.30pm

We offer your child fun- filled days of activities to help them learn and make lots of little friends.
We introduce children’s imaginations to our existing world and encourage them to find their own path of understanding. We guide them to see the importance of independence, determination, motivation and choice. These key terms encourages the children to identify which doors they want to walk through.

At Rainbow Montessori we firmly value every child as an individual and believe education should no longer be mostly imparting of knowledge, but must take a new path seeking the release of human potentialities.

We take pride in following the Montessori way and share the same loving vision as Maria Montessori.

Our classrooms are full of love and happiness and we are extremely proud of the bright confident children that have passed through our family. Our aim is not only to make the child understand, and still less to force him to memorize, but so to touch his imagination as to enthuse him or her to their innermost core.

• Your child will receive two warm nutritious meals a day – breakfast and lunch.
• All meals are prepared on the premises and only the freshest and best produce is used. Some coming from our own Vegetable garden that the children maintain.
• No added salt or sugar will be added to the meals. Every meal has lots of hidden vegetables that the kids don’t even know about. 
• We encourage healthy eating and there is always lots of fruit and veg available for the kids to snack on.
• Water is available all day. They receive diluted juice twice a day with snacks.
• Parents are asked to bring in fruit, yogurt and afternoon healthy snack daily. No sweats or sugary things please.
• Fun filled days of different activities, arts and crafts, singing, free play and outdoor play.
• Safe and secure play area – beautiful jungle gym, slide, swings, bikes, tri-cycles, Wendy house, sandpit and many more.
• Trained and qualified staff – who have been employed because of their love for children. All staff are first aid trained.
7.30am – 17.30pm Monday to Thursday
17.00pm on a Friday
There is a late penalty fee when children are collected late.
We have a shut down period in December and January for 4 weeks. 1 week during the year and all public holidays.

• Monkeynastix
• Junior Jives
• Swimming
• Soccercise starz
Thank you
Contact Margot
084 333 1049
3 Union Avenue
Cape Town

Contact Details

Disney playhouse


Age group:Age Groups: 3 months-5 years

Opening times:Opening Times : 6h00-18h30

Open for registration in Graasy Park for kids aged 3 months-5years as well as aftercare.Our playhouse is open week days from 06:00-18:30.We have dedicated fully qualified montessori teachers with 15 years experience with loads of love,care and passion for children.Programmes are designed to meet the individual needs of each child.We offer half day and full day care.We strive to offer the very best high quality education and care for all children.We have a well structured daily routine and set menu and we potty train too.We focus mainly on:developing social,communication,emotional,physical and mental skills.Fine and gross muscle development,eye hand,eye foot co-ordination,english and afrikaans,reading and writing,mathematics and science activities,sand and water play,outdoor play,baking and making,oral,show and tell,singing and dancing,stories and rhymes and fantasy play.

Contact Details

  • Landline:
  • Cellphone: 081-515-1803
  • Email:

Qhamani Daycare

Baywiew street, The Links, Somerset West. WESTERN CAPE

Age group:Age Groups: 3months to 3yrs

Opening times:Opening Times : 7:45 - 16:45

We provide a Home from home environment, where your little ones are treasured. Qhamani means: to bring a blessing for you to prosper. Small group, individual attention, focus on developmental stages, sensory play, music and gardening.

Contact Details

Toddlers Inn Baby and Educare centre

42 Bayview road, Bluff,4052 KWAZULU-NATAL

Age group:Age Groups: Birth to 5 years

Opening times:Opening Times : 6.30 to 17.30 daily

Services: Full day, half day, holiday care and aftercare.

Meals for full, half day and holiday care: cooked breakfast and lunch and afternoon snack. Parents supply morning snack and juice.

Meal for aftercare (depending on what time they come) before 1 o clock they get lunch and snack after 1 o clock they get a snack

I do have a stationery list according to age group that parents supply. We teach them and get them ready for when they have to enrol in primary school.

Contact Details

  • Landline:
  • Cellphone: 082-895-6202
  • Email:

Fruitful Kids

Marina De Gama

Age group:Age Groups: 3 - 5 years (Grade R 2016)

Opening times:Opening Times : 8:30-12:00

Run by a qualified Early Childhood Development teacher.
Ages 3 years to 5 years.
Hours 8:30 to 12:00 Monday to Friday
Daily routine develops all aspects of the child through a variety of fun, educational activities.
(Less than 10 children in the class, perfect for catering for your child as an individual.)
R1320 per month

Contact Details

  • Landline:
  • Cellphone: 073-558-1730
  • Email:

Cuddled Up Playgroup

Centurion Pretoria

Age group:Age Groups: Birth - 3 years

Opening times:Opening Times : 7am-5:30pm

Loving care in a homely environment for babies from birth to 3 years. All meals are provided daily. Age appropriate developmental skills encouraged.

Contact Details

  • Landline: 012-667-6838
  • Cellphone: 082-464-6295
  • Email:

Growing Trees Montessori & Daycare

93 Dunnottar Avenue, Asherville KWAZULU-NATAL

Age group:Age Groups: 2 ½-5 years

Opening times:

Contact Details

  • Landline: 031-837-5598
  • Cellphone: 071-674-3887
  • Email:

Kids Heaven Nasorg/ Aftercare

Zoo Park, Kraaifontein

Age group:Age Groups: 6 - 12

Opening times:Opening Times : 06:00 - 18:00

Mammas spring jou hart bok om te dink dat jou Graad R kind groot skool toe moet gaan en bekommer dit jou nog meer oor hoe en wat nasorg betref.

Kontak my ek kan jou help met die veilige aflaai en oplaai van jou kind.

Ek is ’n doodgewone vrou; ’n ma van 2 pragtige kinders wat elke dag my droom en passie wil uitlééf.

Ek is ontsettend dankbaar aan God vir wie ek is, waar ek is en wat ek het en wil dit graag deel sodat ek daardeur 'n verskil kan maak in kinders se lewens.

Contact Details

  • Landline: 083-367-1700
  • Cellphone: 083-367-1700
  • Email:

Kiddie Palace Pre-School

3 Dale Lace Avenue, Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg GAUTENG

Age group:Age Groups: 0 months to 6 years

Opening times:Opening Times : 6am to 6pm

All meals and Snacks

Set curriculum

Online cameras

Registration fee R650
R2600 full day R2200 half day

Contact Details

  • Landline:
  • Cellphone: 076-259-3515
  • Email:

Ditlhare Childcare & Education Services

479 Arcadia,Pretoria. GAUTENG

Age group:Age Groups: 6Months upwards

Opening times:Opening Times : Monday to Sunday

We offer babysitting, aftercare, night nannies, pick up child from school, help with school work, live in nannies.
Our services are for people in and around Pretoria.
for R120 a day , offer all night babysitting for R300 a night, and help children with homework and school projects at no fee.

Contact Details

  • Landline:
  • Cellphone: 061-754-2795
  • Email:

Brackenfell Academy

49 Goedehoopvilla, Boven close, Brackenfell, 7560 WESTERN CAPE

Age group:Age Groups: 2 - 5 year olds

Opening times:Opening Times : Mondays to Fridays 08:00 until 12:00

Educational Playgroup to prepare your child for Grade

Contact Details

  • Landline:
  • Cellphone: 082-064-1545
  • Email:


Weltevredenpark GAUTENG

Age group:Age Groups: Babies-4 year olds

Opening times:Opening Times : 7am-5pm

Contact Details